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Knowledgebase : Alert and Notifications
The frequency of your website monitoring depends on the type of subscription that you choose. For our free version, monitoring interval is 60 minutes; while for enterprise version the monitoring frequency is every 5 minutes. For more details please ...
You can easily choose to notify as many people as you want. Hostpinger does not restrict you to send notification alerts to select few people.
You can easily set Do Not Disturb periods for each of your registered contact. The control panel on your dashboard has a provision of setting Do Not Disturb periods for relatively less complex notification errors.
Yes, you can easily export reports into excel or .csv formats.
Yes, you can send SMS alerts to as many people as you want. However, you need to remember that there is a charge of .X$ per SMS and that you need to have sufficient SMS's available in your account.
There is a possibility to temporarily pause monitoring. You can easily choose a maintenance or blackout schedule. This is particularly useful while you are performing server maintenance or rebooting. can send E-mail and SMS alerts. All monitoring details and statistics are available on our dashboard.
You can easily select your time zone while creating your account profile. Hostpinger will use the same time zone for sending alerts and reports.
Yes, Hostpinger will notify you when your database reaches a certain limit.
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